Meet the Scores Tampa Amateurs

Meet the Scores Tampa Amateurs

Every Thursday night at Scores Tampa we host Amateur Night at midnight. Some of the best looking girls in Tampa are ready to show off their best moves but first we ask the tough questions. As an amateur at Scores, the girls are asked a series of questions so we really know what type of entertainers we hire.

So let’s meet some of the girls you may see at Scores strip club:

Tori: She is 21 years old from Brandon, FL. The craziest place Tori has had sex was the rooftop of Jannus Live. She told us she like to be in control so wants to be on top in bed. Her ass is her best feature and her perfect date is a night in the city. We asked her to rank in order the importance of a man in her life, and her answers were surprising. #1 Looks, #2 Kindness, #3 Romantic #4 Money #5 The size of his package. She believes you have to wait 2 weeks before having sex and Peyton Manning is her celebrity crush.

Alana: Alana is 18 years old and said her biggest turn off was a man who cries. She likes rap music, originally from Arizona and her guilty pleasure is a doughnut. She likes it rough and doesn’t mind if a man bites her on the neck. Her best body feature is her ass, she loves Italian food and a long walk on the beach is her dream date. We asked her where the wildest place she had sex and her answer…a laundry mat. I guess she was waiting for her clothes to dry. She likes a mans package to be thick and meaty and said she will wait 4 months before she sleeps with a guy.

Onya: Let’s get to know Onya! She is a 31 year  old Gemini and born and raised in Sarasota, FL. She said the worst place to get hit on is a grocery store and her favorite movie is anything with nudity aka porn. She also told us that she likes making her own movies. She likes country music and doesn’t mind sleeping with a guy on the first date. We asked her to rank the importance of a man, she said, #1 Kindness #2 Romance #3 Looks #4 Money #5 Size of his package. The car he drives is also on that list but none of the girls  rank that in the Top 5!

So next time your in Scores Tampa you now have a little knowledge of what these girls are interested in. See you soon!