What You Need to Know About The Scores Amateur Contest

What You Need to Know About The Scores Amateur Contest

Are you curious about dancing at a gentlemen’s club? Do a test run! Every Thursday night Scores has an amateur contest, it’s a great way to get your feet wet without making a commitment. Come on in, watch the house girls perform, see the outfits they wear, learn a make-up trick or two. Most of all, see how it feels to be on stage.


What to Bring:

1) Bring your photo ID

2) Bring at least two outfits, one being a dress and the other a bra and pantie set or a bikini. Hint: men love to cheer on the girl next door as she gets a taste of the wild side. NO Panties with sheer (see thru) material.

3) Bring high heel shoes. Most girls wear platform shoes, but if you do not have platforms, don’t worry about it. Bring the highest heels you own.

Here are a few things to expect on amateur night:

1) Plan on staying a few hours. Please arrive by 10pm. The contest should end around midnight.

2) The audience chooses a winner by applause, so bring some friends to cheer you on.

3) If you get nervous, you can have a drink, but remember you want to stay in total control of what you’re doing.

4) The DJ will pick the songs. They normally play high energy dance music.

5) If you don’t win, do not take it personally. There’s always a learning curve for any new endeavor.

6) Smile, have fun and let your personality show through.

What’s better than gaining experience, you can win some CASH!

Every Thursday Night the Scores Amateur Contest Winner receives

   ***** $500 CASH *****